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PhD holder in Biomedical Sciences (namely, Virology) from the research group of Prof. J. Neyts at the Rega Institute for Medical Research, KU Leuven, Belgium. The research group is a world authority on the development of novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of RNA virus infections. As it is evident from the discovery and development of GS-9190 (Tegobuvir). Furthermore, the group contributes to a completely novel therapeutic concept, namely the inhibition of HCV replication by cyclophilin-binding molecules. This study resulted also in the identification of DEB-025 (Alisporivir). My involvement focused on the “Development of Novel Antiviral Strategies for the Treatment of Infection with the Hepatitis C Virus”. I also worked as a research associate on the project “Discovery of New Drugs for the Prophylaxis and Treatment of Dengue Virus Infections in Humans” supported by the Wellcome Trust in collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc.


After graduation, I established a small company of freelancers, Cimaza Virology Comics which is ideally placed to address science information deficits and vaccine myths via its multi-lingual (European languages and Arabic) and 4-time award-winning comics and animations developer. The initiative produced materials that are attractive, engaging, fact-filled, address vaccine myths, and tell engaging stories.


Experience – Post-Cimaza

Strategic Consultant (Independent); #UnitedInProtection (EU Commission funded Vaccines Comm initiative)

Independent Consultant at Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli IRCCS, Roma.

Guest Speaker. May 2021 VIROLOGY. University of California, Los Angeles University of California (UCLA). MIMG XL 102 – 010 (Project ID 379050) Introductory Virology Course.


Publications in peer-reviewed journals

  • El Rhaffouli H, Obeid S. et al | 2013 Evolution of the Hemagglutinin Gene of the Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 Virus in Morocco During Two Influenza Seasons 2009-2011. Curr Microbiol. 2013 Nov 9.
  • Obeid S. et al | 2013 Artemisinin Analogues as Potent Inhibitors of In Vitro Hepatitis C Virus Replication. PlosONE. 2013.
  • Obeid S. et al | 2011 Inhibition of hepatitis c virus replication by semisythetic derivatives of glycopeptide antibiotics. jantimicrob chemother. 66; 1287-94.
  • Roelandt P, Obeid S. et al | 2012 Human pluri-potent stem cell derived hepatocyte progeny support complete replication of hepatitis c virus. jhepatol. 57; :246-51
  • Gregory MA, Bobardt M, Obeid S. et al | 2011 Preclinical characterization of naturally occurring polyketidecyclophilin inhibitors from the sanglifehrin family. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 55, 1975-1981.
  • Delang L, Paeshuyse J, Vliegen I, Leyssen P, Obeid S. et al | 2009 Statins potentiate the in vitro anti-hepatitis C virus activity of selective hepatitis C virus inhibitors and delay or prevent resistance development 10.1002/hep.22916.


  1. Certificate of Excellent Academic Performance (3 times. 1999, 2001/2)
  2. Science Hero Award (ThermoFisher. USA 2015)
  3. Winner of the Innovation in Science Literacy Award (ISLA 2017)
  4. Europe Silver Champion on Vaccines Communication (VaccinesToday 2018)
  5. Health Literacy Finalist (MSD-Merck Belgium, 2019)

Medical Education and Science Communication Projects


Guest Speaker. May 2021 VIROLOGY course. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)



Frontiers e-BOOK


World Health Organization – Vaccines Safety Net (MOST POPULAR)


(Medical Education Animation for medical staff – Respiratory Disease)


Workshop – Arizona State University

Workshop – Women Leaders in Science, Technology & Engineering – Kuwait


Joined Force with InnoVirology (Erasmus Funded e-platform for Virology)

KU Leuven – Rega Institute for Medical Research – J. Netys Group page design

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