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ICTV Taxonomy

Bunyavirales (12 families)

Herpesvirales (3 families)

Mononegavirales (11 families)


Picornavirales (8 families)

  • Upcoming class: Flaviviridae

Riboviria > Orthornavirae > Kitrinoviricota > Flasuviricetes > Amarillovirales > Flaviviridae

Riboviria is a realm of viruses that was established in 2018 to include:

  • all RdRp-encoding RNA viruses (kingdom: Orthornavirae) and then was expanded to include
  • RdDp-encoding retroviruses (kingdom: Pararnavirae) as well.

This realm mainly includes most eukaryotic viruses.

Orthornavirae comes from Greek ὀρθός [orthós], meaning straight.  [rna], refers to RNA, and –[virae] is the virus kingdom suffix.

Kitrinoviricota comes from Greek κίτρινος [kitrinos], meaning citron. [viricota] is the virus phylum suffix.